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i.l.o.v.e.y.o.u. [entries|friends|calendar]
i mean nothing to you

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( 3 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[28 Sep 2004|04:10pm]
This is my new livejournal user...

Add it bitchess :]
<3 Angg

(Then your a liar)

[26 Sep 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Well yesturday i got up and went to my game.. we lost once again.. im about to punch the coach in the face he drives me crazy! Then i dropped Christine off and came home took a shower and sat around. Around 6:00 i shot my bow a couple times.. boring. came online for a little.. Then went up in my room and just watched tv and played on the cp. Got bored of doing that so talked to brandon he had to go so yeah then i watched more tv and fell asleep. Woke up around 11' today.. took a shower and all that fun stuff. Then i went online for a little shot the bow again.. boring. Tomorrow is school. and i get to leave early cause im going to the eye doctor to possibly get contact and new glasses so yeah. Then i might go back and go to the game and Allie is gonna sneak me in haha! then i got a soccer game again that were probably gonna lose, so what's the point of going. <3

( 4 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[24 Sep 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Last night i went to the football game with Alicia and Steph and we met up with Janis and Christine!! :] Holy shit it was soo much fun. we were screaming and running around half the time.. At the end we started to mess around and play football with the guys! haha It was soo much fun, i saw Anna, Jessica, Ebejer, Megan, Shaurna and a bunches of other people.. Wow it was fucking greattt! Me Alicia and Steph Chrisitne were running around places most of the time. Alicias mom came at like 8:30 and we left i came home and ate some food. Tomorrow i got a game at 9:30am :[ not to happy about that fuckkker!!!  Err..


( 2 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[23 Sep 2004|11:43am]
[ mood | scared ]

Well life hasnt been treating me the greatest but im not gonna complain. This week i did like nothing i havent been feeling that good this week, i had a soccer game we lost. I saw SARAHHH and hunter so that was cool.. havent seen them in a long time. Sarah squirted juice in my eye and i couldnt see.. IT BURNEDDD!!! Then she spent the night, went to school did gay shit got in trouble. Woopdie do!! Now im talking to my love Jaclynn Marie Kutzura :] <3333 
i love brandon

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[20 Sep 2004|06:22pm]

Well im bored right now.. Im suppose to be studying for a math test but i know im gonna fail it anyways so what the point to study?!?! Well this weekend i was suppose to go to Brandon but it didnt happen.. So i had to clean the basement.. OH JOY! :] Then after my family and I went through some pictures wow...i was soo cute when i was little! :] But i had chubby cheeks! anyways.. Then i got grounded for being a "bitch"... Oh well.. Im home alone and im bored so come on over :]

I Love Brandon!!

Mallory i love you! I love you hair too! Its raddd!! :]

( 21 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[11 Sep 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]

I Love You Jessica :] Collapse )

( 15 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[04 Sep 2004|06:36pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Screw friends only! :]
<3 Angg

( 11 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[03 Sep 2004|12:04pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

                                              Friends Only

+Comment to be added
+Add me back

Sorry guys

( 22 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[30 Aug 2004|12:59pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

School wasnt that bad, i was kinda excited. I got on the bus and jeremy bott, jeremy ebejer, austin and david are on my bus.Went to class, not many people were in my classes. I didn't really see any one my friends, only a few of 'em. im hated by a person i swear, After school me and sarah decorated are lockers and ashley came and saw us. Then we went passed lani's room and sarah wrote his scheldule. We then went to see mrs. bury. Sarah and her talked and stuff, then we left. Stephanie dropped me off at my house. Sat around and updated this enjoyable thing. Later i have to get my notebooks and crap, since i didnt the other day! oh fun. Then i have to so call "watch" my sister cause my parents have to go to atwood for my brother since hes starting kindergarden, OH BOY. Good luck to that teacher.


( 9 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[25 Aug 2004|11:37am]
[ mood | blank ]

1st hour *La/ english - Amboyer
2nd hour *Science - amboyer
3rd hour *2d art
4th hour *Pe semester - shira
5th hour *s.s -Goslin
6th hour *Math - lawes
2 quater 3d art
Semester 2 pe/ health - robinson
Semester 2 vip brown
Locker E40
*Tell me if we have any classes together*

Well i woke up at like 10:00 yesturday
took a shower and got ready
then i went to crusdaer day and i met up with sarah and stewy!
i got two teams the first time.. errr i had a class with stewy! lol
then mr brown had to change it after like the fifth time he got it right
but i got a lot of people on the team so thats good i guess
me and sarah went to our lockers didnt decorate them but we will sooner or later
then we had to go back to my house cause i had to babysit my sister :[
Jeremy and James called sarahs cell and they talked then Jeremy asked me out :]
then i got grounded
then me and sarah said we were gonna walk around the block and we went to nick and megans house
nick wouldnt show us his kitttyy
it was soo hott
so me and sarah sat in the basement and talked
then we went shot our bows errr..
then we bought ice cream from the ice cream man ahah!
We went to megans again
then she left around 9' ish?
i was tired so i like just sat up in my room
then fell asleep

Today i got a scrimage vs some people its at 6:30 at pollard
errr i dont like there fields there HILLS!
but oh well thats about all im going to do
then im going to go swimming
because people say its gonna be hott!! ahh no

                                             I love Jeremy

( 11 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[18 Aug 2004|12:54pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I sat around all day till like 5:30 cause i had soccer practice at 6:00
so i went to practice
was kinda enjoyable
since like 1/4 of the practice we got to talk about the games and strategies
he was gonna let us out early
so me and sarah sat there for 30 mins and talked lol
then my mom finally picked us up!
then sarah came back to my house, spent the night
and my daddy got us taco bell at like 10:30
then we went upstairs and talked, took pictures of areselfs! lol
then we watched finding nemo

We woke up around 11:00 because he mom told us to get ready cause we had to babysit
we were there for 6 hours
walked back to sarahs house
then we got tubbys for dinner
morgan got fixed, i kinda felt bad for him lol
then i went home around 8:30
and watched tv then played on the computer
it turned out to be like 2:30 so i decided to watch varsity blues
great movie
then i was bored and its like 4am so i took out my screen and sat outside and listend to music.. it was kinda pretty
then i went to bed after like 10 minutes of that
woke up around 12:30
then at 6' i got practice AGAIN!!!


( 2 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[13 Aug 2004|07:45pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Well yesturday i went to Sarah's at like 8'
Then we went and babysat
the baby was sleeping the hole time
and Jaclyn was at her friends house till like 10'
it was peaceful, we didn't have to do anything
they jaclyn came home and we played hide and go seek at like 1' lol
then they got home and bought us Taco Bell :]
so we ate, and talked
then we went home at like 1:30
then i crawled into the bed,
stephanie came and sat on my back and sarah sat on top of steph!
i was lumpy they said lol
then we got up at like 12
sat around
cleaned up cause we had to..
then we wanted to ride the quad
but we couldnt find the keys :[
then we were gonna go to the Jc Pennys but i couldnt cause family reasons :[
So my mommy came and picked me up
then we got some food
then i  sat around...

( 26 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[09 Aug 2004|02:49pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I want a new journal...

Which one do you like?

( 2 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[05 Aug 2004|12:34pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Im going to be gone tomorrow morning
5:30 to be almost right lol
it a 4-5 hour drive so when im coming home
i wont be back till  like 9', 10' ish? sunday
then Monday i got soccer practice
so i wont be updating till like tuesday or sometime when i want to
alright.. :]


( 2 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[05 Aug 2004|11:05am]
[ mood | drained ]

Well my  week/weekend has like been ruined.
Tomorrow im going up to Kaleva with a bunch of guys to work and crap for 2-3days.
Coming home either Saturday or Sunday morning, but ill be home by 9:00am.
Monday i got soccer practice with SARAH!! :] from like 6-8?
Tuesday i dont know what im doing. Probably hang out with Sarah lol

Monday i did the journal? then i went swimming/tanned all day
Yesturday took a shower, then Megan price, Sam, Emile, Megan white, and some other  people came over.
Went rollerblading/ bike riding for like an hour
then stopped at some house's.
Then went back to my house went swimming
took another shower.
sat around.
Downloaded songs..
then talked to alex on the phone
Today called sarah at 6:30am lol
then i feel back asleep
then she woke me up at 10:00 to get my ass outta bed.
i hung up with her
Alex called 15 minutes larer.. lol
so i stayed up for an hour talking to him...
then i wasnt tired no more so i got up and stuff
Checked my mail and then im leaving

( 21 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[02 Aug 2004|12:15pm]
[ mood | rejected ]

I re-did the journal
i like it
it's kinda boring
but only because its a plain backround,
but i like it

                                 x. I Love You. x

( 5 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[01 Aug 2004|10:19pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

x. Im bored so im updating
Like 2 days ago i found out Sarah was on my soccer team
i was really happy
Shes gonna steal my moves!
Omg sarah i got that back leg thing better! haha
Today i went to Sarahs with Ashley
then we went to ryans party
at the high school pool
the their band played
there good
We talked to jake outside
we didnt want to go in haha
when they went to the pool
we went and sat on the bleachers
we talked to evan likes twice
then we left cause we got bored
we went back to Sarah's and sat in her basement
talked about loser-ific stuff! haha
Ashley was making funny faces!
She amuses me!
then we did the Oujia board and it didnt work
i was like shaking so bad for no reason, and like kinda Kyper ventalating?
it was freaky..
then we went upstairs
kciked the soccer ball in the loft for like 2 minutes haha
then her mom was like yelling
so me and ashley went home
got yelled at? hmm.. still wondering what that was about..
i think it was when i called to get picked up
my dad thought i was crying haha!
i found that funny
Sarah your funeral wil be pretty i promise! haha
I came home and made some mac and chesse
then i went in the pool for like 10 minutes and just sat around by myself in the pool
thought about stuff
and yada-yada-ya
Got out and came online and talked to Stewy Sarah Jeremy and Ashley
thats about itx

                                                    x. I Love You .x

( 8 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[31 Jul 2004|09:51pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

If you have something to say, say it now
whatever i dont really care


( 5 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[29 Jul 2004|10:52am]
[ mood | confused ]

Well this week i went to Cedar point with Sarah it was the best time!
I spent the night at sarahs friday night and she goes "Whens the last time i went to the bathrroom"
we thought then we went to the bathroom haha!
we came out and stephanie her sister is starring at us it freaked us out
so we went to go talk to steph for like a minute and i tripped over a plastic bag!
wow... im sooo werid
So we went to sleep at like 2:30
we were suppose to wake up at like 8:00 but instead we woke up at 10:00
We went to the boat at like 10:15 and then like around 12:00 we left for Cedar point
it was such a sucky ride i thought i was gonna puke i kept falling cause the boat was hitting waves like crazy
so me sarah and steph sat on the back of the boat and they put me on the side that was getting wet i was soaked!
we stop at Mit'zies and got some Chocolaty Ecliares... then we sat out on the back of the boat, the water wasnt that cold.
When we got there we changed into some warm clothes it was about 5:30 and me and sarah took of into the park...
we got there and we got on corkscrew, raptor and bunch of other ones.
we were there in the park till about 10:30 and then we went to putt-putt with sarah's family and there dads friends.
Then we got to the boat around 12::00
i found out i offically suck at putt-putt
Then we went down to the nobles boat
i didnt want to wake anybody up so i was like nicccckkkk in a soft voice 
his brother came out and got nick for us!
We talked to the for like 2 hours lol
we sat outside, on the docks, and in sarahs boat then we took his hat haha
and we chased  nick and stuff up and down the dock
His mom gave us early passes into the park
So we went to bed and the nobles woke us up at 8:00
and we werent even ready
nick blamed it on jeremy lol
the hole day it was nicks fault! haha
so we got into the park and yady yady ya 
and we were going to millenum but then Jimmy came and we went to raptor
me sarah and jeremy got front car.. nick and jimmy got second
then we were going to some place but then jimmy wanted a pretzel and Jeremy wanted a lollipep! 
 and then they had to leave at 10:00
So me and saraha were by areselfs
we stayed in the park and did some rides we got the Airbrush Tattoos lol
then we went to eat by areselfs
then we went back to the boat and talked listend to music we changed the station on the boat and then fell asleep
Monday we woke up around 9:30 or something and the station was still changed and her dad told us to change it  we didnt and the radio thing was next to me, and i was on the top bunk and her dad tickled me and i fell off the top bunk,
so he changed it then i got back up on the top i changed it again,
so he tickled me and i fell off again.. he changed it back then he went upstairs
i changed it then he got the hose and spraied us.. haha
then he changed it and out of the blue i fell off the top bunk
then sarah got the hose and i was still on the ground all tangled in my confenter..
and she sprayed her dad and he was right next to me..
and so i got wet, but when she sprayed her dad
i got wet so i like jumped up on stephs bed! haha
wow it was such a great morning and got ready took showers and that stuff
and we went to the park around 11:00 we saw alot of hot guys
went on some more rides
came back cause it was raining..
then we went to TGI Friday in the hotel and we got like really hyper off of something i have no clue what though
and we laughed and laughed and there was this kidd trying to play his guitar and sing and gosh it wasnt working for him
then me and sarah ran to go stop a bus haha it was great!
we got home and talked some more then sarah and steph read i feel asleeep..
Tuesday we got up and just sat around went to the park like usual
at night me and sarah kinda got into a fight but got over it...
We went to frontier town after we got our old fashion pictures! i was jealous she got the booze! haha
then we went to the train staition to go back to the marina.. but me and sarah wanted to go ride the millenuium..
So we ran from train station in the back of the park to the middle of it.. to the entrance of millenuim
and made it!
so we went on the ride and it's a small world
we talked to this lady and she had the cutest kid everr!! lol
then we walked back to the marina and stuff and went to bed...
Yesturday we got up and went shopping and we got in line for the Demon Drop and dragster..i was hyperfentality haha stuff
then we left as soon as we got back and me and sarah slept the for 2 hours..
then got ice cream and feed some dounuts to a duck i wanted to catch it haha 

then we slept some more and got back around like 7:30 or something i didnt get home till like 8-8:30?
then i took a shower and went to bed
it was a great trip
I woke up and talked to Andrew.. haha and stewy jeremy nick sarah tim and yeah

( 3 ♥ If im bad news Then your a liar)

[16 Jul 2004|03:04pm]
[ mood | determined ]

I didnt really want to update but im going to..

This week i hung out with Sarah and Jaclynn for like 4 days
We did the Ougji board like 20 times, It told us stuff lol
I spent the night at sarah's
Then we babysat thursday i got 10 bucks! haha
Then we went to Jaclynn went swimming, and went in the hot tub.
Then Friday Jaclynn and Sarah came over
My mom us Strawberry Daquiri's
We walked around like forever
They went home later that night
thats about it
i fixed up megans journal earlier and yeah

Im going for like a week i think im not sure...


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